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As more states legalize cannabis, many business owners are looking for strategies to grow their businesses. One of the best ways is through SEO (search engine optimization). This blog post will help you learn about different SEO strategies for cannabis business owners.


Optimizing Your Website

Visitors to your website are most interested in the information provided. It is essential to have a great design with easily navigable menus, great images, and videos that depict your company, as well as clear contact information. Make sure that you also include relevant keywords on your website’s pages.


Create Great Content

You will need high-quality content for Google and other search engines to find you and rank you higher in their listings. This means creating great blog posts with detailed explanations of topics related to the cannabis industry. Also, develop an FAQ page for frequently asked questions about your product or services, including how-to guides or tutorials for customers who want more information before making a purchase decision from you.


Optimize Your Online Profiles

Google and other search engines will also take information from your YouTube page, Yelp reviews, Facebook page, Twitter account or any other social media account you may have to assess if you’re an authority in your industry. So make sure that the profiles are optimized with your keywords.


Optimize Your Location

To make your SEO strategy even more effective, you may want to consider creating a website for each of your locations. This will allow you to give location-specific information on the blog posts. For example, you can create a post for your Los Angeles website that discusses things like marijuana dispensary laws in California and how they’re different from other states. Alternatively, if you have more than one location in LA, you may want to create separate pages for each of your locations.


Use Google My Business

Google’s My Business service is another free tool for business owners. This allows you to provide Google with additional information about your cannabis business, such as operating hours, images of your storefront or interior space, payment types accepted, and other relevant details that might be important to customers looking for an online referral before visiting.


Your SEO strategy doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s important not to neglect this part of your strategy. Even if your target audience is not using Google as their primary search engine, don’t forget that people often search on Google and then click on the links from the top 5-10 results before going anywhere else.


Scott Gelbard