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Scott Gelbard


Strategic Consultant, Entrepreneur, and Business Advisor

Introducing Scott Gelbard

Scott Gelbard is based out of Vancouver where, alongside his skilled and established career working heavily within the cannabis industry, he is a seasoned strategic consultant, entrepreneur, and business advisor, as well as a Managing Partner at Peak Ventures. With over a decade of experience under his belt, he is an international consultant who works with a myriad of businesses based in Asia, North America, and Europe, assisting companies on how to replicate the model of American business success.

Scott possesses a Business degree in Consumer Science which, combined with his industry experience, helps him coach business leaders on the fundamentals of the American marketplace. He began his consulting career immediately after graduating from college. Throughout the years, Scott Gelbard learned what works and what doesn’t work the entrepreneurial way—through trial and error. However, his missteps and accomplishments paid off. Within five years of starting his business, he had built it’s annual revenue to over $250 million. 

Scott Gelbard’s Expertise

Part of Scott’s success boils down to his ability to be at the forefront of industries and sectors. This, in part, is what has helped make him such a successful entrepreneur within the cannabis industry. He was a pioneer within the cannabis market in the United States, starting at the forefront of an exciting new industry in Colorado in 2009. He has continued to be a spearhead within the market, where he’s been operational for eleven years. He enjoys working in up-and-coming markets and the ability to build businesses in newly developing industries. 

Additionally, Scott Gelbard previously served as a member of Apis Ventures, a Denver-based financial firm. There, he focused almost exclusively on venture capital, transactional consulting, investments in public and private companies, and business consulting. His time with the firm imparted him with invaluable experience in the investment process and helped him grow an impressive network of business relationships. At the core of Scott Gelbard’s consulting principles is his genuine passion for building successful businesses. His work with international, high-net-worth clients has yielded promising companies for which he’s played a central role. 

Scott Gelbard’s Hobbies

Outside of work, Scott enjoys playing and coaching youth soccer. Always active, he was a member of the Sigma Nu Fraternity in college and participated in a number of intramural sports. Dating back even further, soccer has always been an instrumental part of Scott’s life, as he had started playing as soon as he learned to walk. Now, as a father with sons of his own, sports remain a large part of his life. When he’s not on the field himself, Scott Gelbard can be found coaching, skiing, participating in CrossFit workouts, or attending his sons’ hockey games.

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