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Overcoming the many hurdles to getting a new cannabis dispensary license is a significant achievement! However, there is still much work to be done. Here are a few steps to take after receiving a new cannabis dispensary license.

Develop a plan for continued compliance.

The cannabis industry is highly regulated. Federal, state, and local laws are always changing, and new cannabis dispensaries must constantly adapt to keep their cannabis dispensary license valid. Some critical areas of compliance for cannabis dispensaries include inventory management, tracking, and auditing. Seed-to-sale tracking software, such as Metrc for example, is required by law to track inventory. Frequent auditing is also required, and it should be completed through a system of checks and balances. Here are some additional cannabis dispensary compliance tips.

Consider dispensary layout.

There are four main types of cannabis dispensary layouts: bank, pharmacy, mobile, or kiosk. Many cannabis dispensaries also experiment with hybrid layouts. The choice of layout depends on applicable laws regarding a dispensary’s layout and the dispensary’s experience. Other factors include flexibility, opportunities for growth, and parking.

Choose hardware and software.

Hardware and software for cannabis dispensaries shouldn’t cut corners. Failure to have a functioning, up-to-date hardware and software system can affect inventory tracking, compliance, and customer experience. Cannabis dispensary computers should have sufficient RAM to ensure speed and efficiency. Furthermore, printers should be able to meet the strict guidelines for the printing of labels and receipts. The POS system for cannabis dispensaries should maintain compliance, track discrepancies, and be easy to use. The POS system should also be compatible with the hardware.

Hire internal and external staff.

Staff is an essential part of a new cannabis dispensary’s success. Typical jobs at a cannabis dispensary can include sales associates, receptionists, and security. In addition, a cannabis dispensary may also hire outside professionals such as lawyers, consultants, vendors, and IT professionals. All team members should be actively involved in compliance. Failure to foster a team culture of compliance puts a new cannabis dispensary license at risk.

The cannabis industry is constantly changing, but getting started with a new cannabis dispensary license can be easier with these helpful steps.

Scott Gelbard