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The Cannabis industry has experienced a rapid and transformative evolution in recent years, transitioning from a stigmatized niche to a burgeoning global market. As this sector gains traction and acceptance, a cohort of visionary leaders has emerged, guiding the industry’s development, innovation, and social impact. Many leaders actively engage with their audience through online platforms, offering insights, education, and thought-provoking discussions. 

Here are some prominent Cannabis industry leaders to follow online:

Emily Paxhia: 

As a Managing Partner at Poseidon Asset Management, Emily Paxhia is a prominent figure in Cannabis investing. She has been a vocal advocate for responsible investing practices within the industry, focusing on sustainability, diversity, and social responsibility. Paxhia’s online presence often features discussions on the intersection of finance and Cannabis, making her an essential follow for those interested in the industry’s business side.

Dasheeda Dawson: 

Known as “The WeedHead™,” Dasheeda Dawson is a respected Cannabis advocate, author, and entrepreneur. Her work emphasizes the potential of Cannabis to drive social and economic change. She often discusses the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the industry, making her a crucial voice for those seeking to understand the broader societal impact of Cannabis legalization.

Dr. Sue Sisley: 

A pioneering physician and researcher, Dr. Sue Sisley is known for her groundbreaking studies on the medical applications of Cannabis, particularly its potential in treating conditions like PTSD. She actively shares her research findings, insights, and advocacy efforts through online platforms, offering a scientific perspective on the evolving landscape of medical Cannabis.

Bruce Linton: 

Bruce Linton co-founded Canopy Growth Corporation, an entrepreneur and industry visionary, one of the largest Cannabis companies globally. With his extensive experience in both the Cannabis and tech sectors, Linton offers a unique perspective on the industry’s growth and potential.

Amber Senter: 

Amber Senter co-founded Supernova Women, a dynamic entrepreneur and advocate, an organization dedicated to empowering people of color in the Cannabis industry. Her online content reflects her commitment to social equity and justice and her insights into the challenges faced by underrepresented communities within the sector.

Steve Angelo: 

As the Chief Strategy Officer of Village Farms International, Steve Angelo brings a wealth of experience from the traditional agriculture industry into the Cannabis space. He emphasizes the importance of sustainable cultivation practices and the potential for Cannabis to address broader environmental challenges.

Wanda James: 

Wanda James is a trailblazer in both the Cannabis and culinary worlds. She founded Simply Pure, a Cannabis dispensary and edibles company, and has advocated for diversity and social equity within the industry.

These leaders serve as beacons of expertise, innovation, and advocacy in a rapidly evolving industry. Their online engagement provides a unique opportunity for individuals to stay informed about the latest trends, research, and developments in the Cannabis sector. Whether you’re interested in business, social equity, medical applications, or sustainable practices, these industry leaders offer a wealth of insights that can enrich your understanding of the complex and multifaceted world of Cannabis.