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The cannabis industry continues to gain traction as people focus more on its financial benefits. Establishing authority with one’s brand or name is quite daunting due to misconceptions in the industry. For business leaders to enjoy a piece of this competitive pie, they need to gain trust and master how to build authority. Let’s dive into the key ways that cannabis business leaders can have an edge by building authority in the industry.


  • Podcasting

Podcasting has become a sought-after way of communicating information about oneself. It is an excellent tool for communicating what one has to offer and how beneficial it can be. A podcast allows one to demonstrate their character, charisma, and personality on a one-on-one basis. It gives the audience an accurate picture of what to expect when communicating directly. Podcasting allows cannabis business leaders to widen their network through solid conversations. The network growth gives their businesses a competitive edge over their rivals.


  • Guest Blogs

Bringing fresh ideas to blogs makes them more intriguing and exciting for the audience. Working with expert guest bloggers can elevate one’s blog to the next level. The high competition in the cannabis industry calls for unique and catchy content to get an audience’s attention. With expert guest bloggers, one can capture an extensive network that is good for their cannabis business. Guest bloggers increase sites’ credibility, search engine optimization, and authority, which are pluses in the cannabis industry.


  • Insight

Cannabis leaders are well versed in the cannabis industry, and offering insight on cannabis topics can be a great way to market the product. One can share such information with writers or reporters covering trending topics in the industry. As a result, one gets featured in the press, which helps them gain authority as leaders in the cannabis industry.


Bottom Line

Competitive niches like the cannabis industry are highly profitable. Therefore, one needs to ensure they have a few tricks up their sleeves to remain relevant in the industry. One of the key elements to have at the back of one’s mind is maintaining authority in the industry. The pointers above are vital for cannabis business leaders seeking to gain authority in the industry.



Scott Gelbard