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Due to the rise of legal marijuana, there has been a lot of media dissemination of information. 

It’s refreshing to hear a few people discuss a single topic. Having multiple options can be beneficial, but taking a break is also important.

A good podcast is an essential part of any cannabis professional’s arsenal. There are a few of our favorites below.

From Pot to Popular

MATTIO Communications is a PR firm founded by Rosie Mattio, one of the most prominent figures in the industry.

Her podcast, From Pot To Popular, explores how some of the biggest companies are integrating marijuana into the mainstream.

In this intelligent and thought-provoking podcast, various prominent individuals in the industry, including journalists, entrepreneurs, and executives, share their tips and tricks for success.

They talk about the various challenges facing the industry, such as how to fund a company in an area that’s still illegal.

High Rise

The High Rise podcast is a laid-back discussion about the marijuana market. Cy Scott and Emily Paxhia host it, featuring prominent industry figures.

As the Co-founder of Poseidon Investment, Emily has been a significant contributor to the success of several prominent companies in California’s marijuana industry.

One of the most prominent individuals in the industry is Cy Scott, who co-founded Leafly in 2010. Today, he’s the CEO and Co-founder of Headset, a company that provides data-driven decisions for operators.

The High Rise podcast is also great for data lovers, as it talks about the industry’s high turnover rate.

Lit Up Founders

Brian Weber talks about the individuals who helped shape the modern marijuana industry on his podcast, Lit Up Founders.

This series features interviews with the founders of prominent marijuana brands. They talk about their journeys in the industry and how they evolved.

Anyone interested in learning more about the marijuana industry can listen to Lit Up Founders. It features interviews with prominent individuals such as Kat Merryfield and Mara Gordon.

Blunt Business

Dispensary owners are often the ones who have to navigate through the constantly changing regulations and rules in the industry.

The hosts of Blunt Business provide helpful advice and insight to those looking to navigate the various regulations and laws in the industry.

Cannabis compliance expert, and Blunt Business host, Bethany Niebauer helps entrepreneurs with their application and licensing processes.

Blunt Business aims to help entrepreneurs navigate the various opportunities and challenges that come with working in the marijuana industry.

Podcast Value

Podcasting allows you to keep up with what’s happening in the world around you in a fun, digestible, and relaxing way